We don't know the cost of care until we determine what you need, and then cross reference that with your insurance benefits.  Answering the question "how much is my treatment going to cost?" would be like expecting the grocery store to tell you how much your groceries are before going shopping. However, you can call the number on your insurance card and ask them for your chiropractic benefits.




We are preferred providers for Medicare and most major insurance companies. It should be understood, that your health insurance is an arrangement between you and your insurance company, and that we file your insurance as a courtesy to you.  If your insurance company doesn't cover what was expected, ultimately it's your responsibility to call and follow up with them.

We are preferred providers for:

  • Medicare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • HealthLink
  • UHC, UMR
  • Sisco

We also accept:

  • Personal Injury
  • Workers Compensation
  • Cash Patients and Out of Network Insurance

Important: Benefits quoted by your insurance company are not a guarantee of payment. It is not uncommon for benefits to be quoted inaccurately.




We accept payment plans through CareCredit.  You can apply online in a few short minutes by CLICKING HERE  CareCredit can be used with multiple types of providers all across the nation, including but not limited to dental, vision, and veterinarian.